About Us

… Since 2007 we have evolved

The Company

FIRSTDATA RESEARCH CONSULTANTS LIMITED [FIRSTDATA] is an independent fully incorporated (Limited company) specializing in provision of a spectrum of consultancy services ranging from Research, Monitoring & Evaluation, Data analytics & Visualization systems, Project technical backstopping, and reporting. The practice is based in Nairobi, Kenya. The company was founded in 2007. FIRSTDATA is a growing regional management consulting and project management firm, successfully addressing development issues in many of the world’s most challenging environments, across African region. FIRSTDATA delivers its capabilities by assisting its long list of clients, which include various government, non-government, public and multilateral/ bilateral development partners.

Our Mission & Vision


The Mission
To provide practical, accurate and reliable development solutions for sustainable economic growth

The Vision
To be the leader in provision of quality development solutions for both the private and public sectors in the region

Our Numbers.

  • 100+ Scripted ODK X-forms
  • Up to 7 Languages Translations deployed per X-form
  • 22 Self-Hosted Data Aggregation Javarosa Platforms
  • Own Data Collection Tablets (50+)
  • Audio Data Recorders for FGDs and KIIs (10+)
  • Multi-media Capabilities
  • Complex Skip Logics and Complex Calculations


The Number of Years we have been in Operation in East Africa.


Number of successfully executed contracts:

  • Multi-Sector
  • Multi-Country


  • 18 In-house Experts
  • 60 Supervisory Pool
  • 1200 Pre-qualified field support staff
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