The company prides itself as a one-stop shop of integrated solutions which incorporates local, regional, and international expertise in regard to any proposed assignment. In handling of large and complex projects, Firstdata is highly flexible in setting up inter-disciplinary project teams, optimally structured for effective working to deliver clients’ expectations. Below is a summary of our core service delivery areas:

Area of Focus

Sub-areas of interest


Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Resettlement Action Plans, Environmental information systems, Sustainable development, Climate Change

Project Management Services

Project planning. Futures projections. Project supervision. Progress monitoring. Milestone reporting.

Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation for donor-funded projects. Impact Assessment Studies. Outcome monitoring. Log Frame Development. M&E Systems Development and Deployment. Pilot studies. Proposal Writing, Baseline Surveys and reporting. Research Project programming.

Consulting and IT

 ICT4D. Mobile Data Collection Systems (ODK, KoboCollect, Ona, SurveyCTO, Enketo Webforms, etc). Cloud server development and deployment (Linux-based)

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